The Most Useful Knife – The Serrated Bread Knife

It is safe to say that everyone has a favorite knife in their knife set. Some people have a favorite steak knife that they constantly reach for that helps with cutting most food items. Other people would rather use their pairing knife to peel fruit, vegetables, and even some meat. There are even some people that use the chef’s knife from everything to cutting a cake, peeling an apple, and cutting up and serving steak. Figuring out the right knife for you is not crazy or simple – it is actually really practical and smart. Just because some marketing team says a knife if for certain purposes doesn’t mean you can’t use one to do many things. You have to keep in mind that a lot of brands try to market you needing to get a whole knife set for every possible type of cooking skill you will need to prepare for, when in reality you just need a good quality sharp knife. For those that are needing to cut up a loaf of bread, you will need something that is strong, has a long blade, and has serrated edges so that it can cut through that tough and crunch crust, but still slice nicely through that soft and airy center.For that, you will need a serrated bread knife.